About Me


My name is Fabiola. I live in Mexico and I have three children: an 18-year-old high schooler, an 8-year-old mischievous little boy, and a 2-year-old lovely little girl.

I am currently on a health and fitness journey that began five years ago. That’s when I decided to change my sedentary lifestyle for a healthier way of life. Today, I am an incredible 55 pounds lighter.

It’s true I don’t have six-pack abs and I still carry a belly pooch, but I am healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. I am still on the journey, and I don’t plan on giving up. Staying fit has become my new way of life!

Before After Wonder Fabi

I have been transformed, physically and mentally, by my health and fitness journey. I have learned so much that I would like to share with you- tips, advice and strategies for weight loss and exercise that are doable for anyone on a similar journey.


 If you’re also trying to shed those extra pounds, I hope you’ll let me come on the journey with you.

If you aren’t committed to a healthy lifestyle yet, I would like to show you how amazing it is to embark on this journey. It’s truly a life-changing experience!


Let’s walk the healthy path together. What are you waiting for? Subscribe and comment!

Your friend,

Wonder Fabi

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Love your blog Fabi!! What an incredible fitness journey you’ve accomplished so far! I’m excited to follow you. I live in the US and I’m beyond excited to connect with a blogger outside of the country! Would never have “met” you without your awesome blog 🙂

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  2. I need to lose approximately 10,000 pounds (no hyperbole there, right?). The problem is, with my spinal cord injury and the medications with side effects of “weight gain” and “increased appetite” it’s hard. And I’m trying to fatten my husband up after his cancer treatments so I’m making foods that are geared toward putting weight on.
    If you know of any gentle-on-a-cripple exercises I’d love to hear them! Thank you!

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    1. I’m no personal trainer, so I can’t give you any suggestions. However, my best guess is to start by taking short walks. Walking is gentle exercise. My husband recently had spinal cord problems and the doctor urged him to start walking. It was difficult at first, but it really helped him with his injury. You could also try eating smaller portions, eating slowly, and trying to get at least one serving of produce with every meal. And drink 8 glasses of water a day. Small changes add up!

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      1. I’m a water drinker! That’s pretty much, except for coffee in the morning, all I drink. Walking is very hard for me. Between my balance problems and pain I can’t go far. I used to walk, with my service dog, but he’s gone now and I can’t stand or walk well. But I’m thinking of trying yoga!

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  3. Hi fabi,I am struggling to lose weight. But not effective. I love your blog .I hope you help me to achieve my goals. If you know any other method to lose weight fast,I would like to hear.


    1. How fast you can lose weight depends on your health and your body, but you can do many things to lose weight. Stop eating processed food and sugar, eat more vegetables and fruit, eat healthy fats like olive oil and nuts, do HIIT workouts, drink lots of water, get enough sleep, and deal with the stress in your life. Losing weight permanently takes time and effort, and quick fixes never work. Be persistent, and consistent, and you will see results.


  4. What a transformation? Its indeed through determination only. As you gain weight, your will to work out diminishes. Your mind want it but body pulls Away from equipments.. you are true inspiration for everyone who wants to change his or her life.. keep going Fabiola… My wishes to good health of your whole family and to your writing too…

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