How To Stay Fit And Healthy On Your Vacation

Vacations tend to be disastrous for any health and fitness plan, but it doesn’t have to be this way. This is how to have fun while keeping off the unwanted pounds!

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Healthy and fit on your vacation

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Going on vacation means forgetting about your normal routine and making time to enjoy yourself, at least that’s what it means for me. Am I right?

The problem is, vacations often mean throwing your health and fitness plan out the window. Because to be honest, who’s going to pass on the opportunity to order a couple of margaritas by the pool? Not me. And who wants to be doing lunges in a hotel room? No, thank you. 

So does a vacation mean you will inevitably gain unwanted pounds?

Not necessarily.

I recently took a much-needed beach vacay. I relaxed by the pool, I tanned on the beach, I had lots of good food, and I didn’t gain any weight.

Oh, and I also had a pretty good time!

So yes, it’s possible to mix health and fitness with some good ol’ fun in the sun. In other words, you can have your vacay and stay on track too.

It’s actually pretty easy to keep off the those vacation pounds without too much effort. If I could do it, I’m sure you can too.

Here’s what I did to keep fit and healthy during my vacation.

Healthy and fit on your vacation

How to stay fit and healthy during your vacation

Stay active

I know you don’t want to be stuck doing lunges in your hotel room, but staying active doesn’t mean you have to stick to a workout schedule. There are many fun things you can do that substitute for exercise.

You can take a walk on the beach, or play in the pool with the kids, or go dancing with your significant other. If you’re visiting a new and interesting place, you can go sightseeing.

See? Staying active is fun!

What I did was play in the hotel pool with my kids, swim a few laps, go sightseeing, and take a walk on the beach to watch the sunset. I got plenty of physical activity everyday but it didn’t feel like exercise at all.

Plus, all those activities made the little voice inside my head that makes me feel guilty for not working out go quiet. It was amazing!

Healthy and fit on your vacation

Make wise food choices

Making wise food choices during your vacation doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself.

I know you want to indulge a bit, and that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t eat anything that makes you feel sick or bloated. For example, I always avoid white bread and anything with dairy in it because I know they wreak havoc in my stomach, even when I’m on vacation.

The basic rule here is: don’t eat too much of anything that messes with your body.

Also, try to have at least some vegetables everyday, but you can have wine too. Why not?

But although indulging a little is fun, be careful not to overdo it.

For example, the hotel we stayed in had a breakfast and lunch buffet, and everything was delicious. But I didn’t eat until I felt like I was bursting because I didn’t want my vacation ruined by an upset stomach.

If you also find yourself in a buffet scenario, take a look at the food first and decide what you’re going to have. Only go for the food that you truly like, and don’t eat stuff that will make you feel bloated and irritated, no matter how good it looks.

Remember, good food is meant to be enjoyed, not inhaled.

Healthy and fit on your vacation

Avoid snacking all day

Yes, I know you want to have those margaritas by the pool. That’s fine. Just don’t order a platter to go along with them.

The problem with snacking all day is that it makes you feel bloated and sluggish, which is not a cool way to feel when you’re trying to rock a swimsuit at the beach.

Besides, you don’t want to a full stomach to get in the way of playing in the pool with the kids, right? Let’s refer back to the part about staying active.

So indulge yourself at meal times, but don’t graze all day. It will make you feel awful and you’ll probably regret it afterwards.

Drink water

Yes, have a glass of wine, or two, but don’t forget to drink water too.

Drinking water helps to keep you cool and hydrated, and it also helps to get rid of excess fluids in case you’re eating salty or sugary foods.

And it will also keep you looking fresh and beautiful, so drink up.

Healthy and fit on your vacation


Don’t forget to do put your mind at ease, that’s what a vacation is for.

Try not to rush to go everywhere, and don’t make too many plans. Just go with the flow, and take the time to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.

Oh, and try not to yell at the kids too much. They deserve some fun too.

There’s a good reason you need to relax. Stress and anxiety can do a number on your hormones and mess with your hunger signals, and then you’ll end up overeating.

So take it easy and lie back on that pool chair. You’re on vacation!

Healthy and Fit on Vacation 5

Stay fit and healthy on your next vacation

I believe the purpose of going on vacation is to relax and recharge for the months of hard work ahead. That’s why I don’t like to work out or deprive myself. I just want to forget about my troubles for a few days.

But I also want to feel good. I don’t want to walk around with an upset stomach because I ate too much. I want to feel relaxed, happy, and ready for anything.

That’s why it’s important to stay active and make wise food choices even during your vacation. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours hitting the hotel gym or forget about having a margarita by the pool. It just means you should remember the things that make you feel fit and healthy.

Stay in touch with your body, listen to its signals, and you’ll come back from your vacation looking fresh and feeling like a million dollars.

And don’t forget to have a great time!

How do you stay fit and healthy while on vacation? Share your tips in the comments!

4 thoughts on “How To Stay Fit And Healthy On Your Vacation

  1. My advice would be to make sure that you eat enough, The first time I went aboard as a teenager I found it difficult to eat much in the heat, I ended up getting dehydrated and got sunstroke #inspirememonday@_karendenniz

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