Simple and Effective Healthy Eating Challenge – Week 4

That’s it! I completed four entire weeks of not eating junk food! The bottom line? I’m feeling better than ever. I don’t think I want to go back to having junk again.

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Simple and Effective Healthy Eating Challenge - Week 4 | Wonder Fabi

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Yes, my dear readers. I have gone four weeks without a single serving of junk food. I’ve had no chips, no fries, no takeout, no ice cream, no cookies, no white bread, no soda, no nothing.

Let me tell you this wasn’t easy. I had to fight cravings, and there were plenty. I had to put in more effort into planning my meals and snacks. I had to take the time to cook healthy dinners. I had to crack my brain sometimes to avoid quick, junk food solutions.

But I didn’t quit.

And hard as this challenge was, the results are certainly worth it. I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time.

Simple and Effective Healthy Eating Challenge - Week 4 | Wonder Fabi

Results of the Healthy Eating Challenge

To be honest, I didn’t lose a lot of weight. Maybe just a pound or two. However, I’m not a fan of the scale, because those numbers alone don’t measure success accurately. I prefer the non-scale victories.

And I had a couple of those non-scale victories!

I lost 2 inches off my waistline. That’s a huge difference for me! My jeans feel looser, my belly is less prominent, and my clothes fit better. That alone made the whole challenge worth it.

Another win was getting rid of the bloating and the digestive issues. My stomach no longer feels blown up all the time, and I have no stomachaches. If you take a look at the first post of the Simple and Effective Healthy Eating Challenge, you’ll see I was having a lot of trouble with those.

I’m no longer suffering from the sugar highs and lows, and that means my mood and my energy levels have greatly improved. I don’t have hunger pangs in between meals either.

Frankly, I can’t really say whether I have kicked my sugar addiction for good or not. Probably not, but this was definitely a step in the right directions. It proves I don’t need sweet treats in my life. 

Healthy Eating Challenge | Wonder Fabi

What’s Next After the Healthy Eating Challenge

So now that the challenge is over, does that mean I get to eat junk food again?


I’m not sure my sugar addiction is gone, but one thing I’m sure is that I don’t want to eat junk anymore. I no longer want to eat cookies and sundaes on the weekend or on any other day. I no longer feel the need to snack on chips or salty crisps. I feel liberated.

But most important of all is that I no longer feel like I’m missing out on something if I can’t have junk. I don’t feel like I need to indulge to have a good weekend or to feel happy. I don’t look forward to having a sweet or salty treat. I don’t feel like I deserve it, or like I should have it. 

I don’t need junk food in my life anymore.

That’s what I think is the biggest victory of all after completing this challenge. I kicked the junk out of my life!

So am I going to continue eating healthy? You bet I am!

Simple and Effective Healthy Eating Challenge - Week 4 | Wonder Fabi

Thank you

Thanks a lot for following me on this challenge and for helping me crush it. If you joined in the challenge, I hope you’re feeling as great as I am. If you didn’t I hope this will inspire you to live a healthier life. 

It only takes a small step in the right direction to start moving forward.

Please share your thoughts on this challenge in the comments. I’d love to hear about the healthy eating goals that you’ve accomplished!


22 thoughts on “Simple and Effective Healthy Eating Challenge – Week 4

  1. Being in CONTROL adds such quality to life. Being able to LIVE rather than worry about complications caused by “junk food” is so much less STRESSFUL. Why don’t you share what you did when the cravings kicked in during the 4 week challenge. People are always looking for ideas to get them beyond their cravings.

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  2. Thank you for referring me back to that post. One thing I would add (if you don’t mind) is to determine the amount of time between meals. You already mention the food types in your article. Sometimes we need to increase the frequency of eating to thwart the craving pains. Keeping blood sugar stable will often help this process.

    Keep up the great work.


  3. Fabiola, I LOVE this idea so much. I would really really like to try it but fear I do lack the self control. Then again, we never know until we push ourselves do we? I have a real sweet tooth and know I could eat so much better than I do. Maybe if I did it with the “one day at a time” mindset…But well done to you! Really! This is quite an accomplishment, especially in our world today where so much of food is just not really good for us.

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    1. I have a sweet tooth! And it’s been really difficult to stay away from the sweet stuff, but it does get easier with time. The one-day-at-a-time mindset does work. If I can do it, you can too! 🙂


  4. I didn’t get to this page. I left messages on week 1. I decided i would say how i did on this one,
    I craved salt and sweet before this challenge. I did not eat the list of foods except for 2 times. I really didn’t exercise. I lost 11 lbs maybe more but i ate before weighing in. I am at a weight i haven’t seen in years. I have 30 more i want to lose. So i will continue the challenge til i get there. I have to say i haven’t had cravings at all. Just had to figure what i wanted for a snack one evening. 2 tbs of hummus satisfied me. I did eat out lunch a couple of times. And tried my best to eat the best i could. That included splitting the meal with my friend the last time. The first time i had wonton soup and steamed veggies at a Chinese restaurant. It wasnt the greatest tasting ut i did it. I have been with family and friends eating things not to have and i did not want them i really felt great about that.
    Anyway, i want to thank you for this challenge and say how easy it has mostly been for me.

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  5. I am almost 64 and because a lot of physical problems i can only do what my physical therapist allows, which isn’t much so i was and am very surprised how much i lost. I have some spine issues and may have surgery.
    The first week, my husband was so nice, he ate all the ice cream for me. Lol. Such a sacrifice! Lol. We made sure i had good snacks, fruit, humus, yogurt etc. for meals i ate chicken, some ground hamburg,= or chicken, potatoes ad veggies. I did use butter. But not globs of it. I didn’t weigh or measure my food like i had always done, i did have the food scale handy, Before the 2nd week i had lost 9 lbs! I calibrated my scale and got on it 5 times! I couldn’t believe what the numbers were!
    I didn’t find it hard to stay away from the foods listed. Tho, i was invited to eat at a Chinese restaurant before the 2nd week was up. When my friend asked me, i didn’t answer right away. I had to think what on earth could i eat that wasn’t fried. Wonton soup and steamed vegetables was all that came to my i mind. When i joined her she had those fried chip things and the sweet sauce to dip them in. It didn’t bother me for a while, then, i started imagining me reaching for one. I stopped myself and asked her to move it from my reach and sight. She gave me a funny look, but did. The soup was good, but those veggies were boring, they served a ginger dip with it, i took a few small tastes and didn’t like it. I continued to eat the bland veggies while my friend had all those fried foods. I had won my first challenge.! I felt great! My husband was a great support and would buy the foods i wanted when he was at the store. Another time i went out again with that friend. We split a sandwich and each got a soup.
    The one time i did break the challenge was when i took my granddaughter to a fast food place. I got a cheeseburger. I did not enjoy it at all. Yayyy.
    One night i could not figure out what i wanted for a little snack. I had decided on 2 tbs of hummus right off the spoon. It did the trick! Another time, same granddaughter, who is 13, a tall 5’7” long legged that doesn’t gain a lb, was eating ice cream and cookies. I said no to them. Oh, i was for my tallest a whopping giant of 5 feet tall, because of y discs i am below 4’10”. Anyway, my husband got me hummus and a few crackers instead of what she was eating. Yay, Bob. My final weigh in was after breakfast and had me at 11 loss! The next day, i weighed before eating and my total in 4 weeks is 12lbs!!! I am at a weight i haven’t seen in years no matter what i did.
    This week was going to be my 2nd week 1 but, my friends’ son is doing the same challenge so i am challenging him for the next 4 weeks. We will start next monday
    The first 4 week, he had only lost 9 lbs. He is a sports physical therapist assistant, 23 years old and is super fit and exercises. Should be interesting to see how this one challenge goes.

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  6. I did find where to send you an email
    Now for a confession. I was going to start the challege last monday, but life got in the way. One was daughter moving and ordered pizza for us. Well, it had pepperoni and other stuff but that was the one I hadn’t had in a long time. The next day i was hurting, bloated and feeling aweful. That was the last thing i can remember (I think because i felt so bad). I got on the scale and had gained a lb. i know it could be water, but, i truly think it was the week’s foods. I am back to 147. Now i am on the challenge again. Oh and i got a recubment exercise bike (they put me on one at physical therapy so i knew it is ok to do). I did 10 minutes with a 4 minute rest in between. Later, i will do it again and see if i can increase time.
    I started the challenge again and maybe with the bike and staying away from foods not good for me, i will have a great loss weight again, though i will take what ever i lose and be happy.

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