How To Eliminate Back Pain With Tadasana Yoga

According to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans will experience back pain at any given time. Find out how you can fight back pain with Tadasana yoga!

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How To Eliminate Back Pain With Tadasana Yoga

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How to Eliminate Back Pain with Tadasana Yoga

By Misterback

Back pain is a common phenomenon, even in the world of yoga. Especially amongst styles that involve high degree tilts, as well as fast and asymmetric twists.

I will guide you to my view on how we can restore and strengthen our body’s natural requirements and hopefully keep any kind of pain away from the pursuance of yoga.

The positions of yoga can be extreme, technical and require one to hold a position for longer periods of time, all at the expense of the body, and more often than not, the back.

People have different kinds of backgrounds going into yoga and have different kinds of respect for how much the body can handle. It’s really important to be able to read the signals a body is sending you, especially if you feel soreness in your back.

Yoga can both be the cause of the pain, but also the cure! As someone invested in the subject, yoga and effective methods based on anatomic and individual adaptation is a great way to both get rid of back pain while at the same time strengthen the core. There is a lot of ways yoga can help with back pain, but in this one, we will focus on Tadasana yoga and it’s advantages.

How To Eliminate Back Pain With Tadasana Yoga

Tadasana yoga and back pain

Tadasana is a classic example of a good motion and a great foundation for the rest of your exercises. This basic and standing exercise means that you pull your tailbone downwards and get the pubic bone to get pushed towards the chest.

  1. You should stand erect, and place your legs slightly apart, with your hands hanging alongside your body.
  2. It is required to make your thigh muscles firm while lifting your kneecaps and ensuring that you do not harden the lower part of your belly.
  3. Strengthen the inner arches of your inner ankles as you lift them.
  4. Now, imagine a stream of energy passing through your ankles, up to your inner thighs, groin, spine, neck, all the way up to your head. Now turn your upper thighs inward. Elongate the tailbone so that it is towards the floor. Lift the pubic bone so that it is closer to the navel.
  5. Look slightly upward.

How To Eliminate Back Pain With Tadasana Yoga

By using a lumbar brace, it can help you get started with this exercise even if you feel like you are unable to follow through with it in the beginning. Make sure though that it won’t hinder your movement too much as it will remove the whole point of the yoga exercise.

You can alter the position of your arms in a variety of ways; for example: stretch the arms upward, perpendicular to the floor and parallel with each other, with the palms facing inward; interlace the fingers, extend the arms straight in front of your torso, turn the palms away, then stretch the arms upward, perpendicular to the floor, so the palms face the ceiling; cross the arms behind your back, holding each elbow with the opposite-side hand (be sure to reverse the cross of the forearms and repeat for an equal length of time).

How To Eliminate Back Pain With Tadasana Yoga

Benefits of Tadasana Yoga

  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles
  • Firms abdomen and buttocks
  • Relieves sciatica
  • Reduces flat feet
  • Help with digestion (Can also be combined with anti-inflammatory foods for a great complimentary effect)

Tadansa is a great yoga position that can be of use in a lot of different circumstances but it can also be a danger if it is performed to often or is combined with activities that take a toll on your back.

While doing the tadasana, your spine is pulled downwards and this leads to the backend of your discs opens up while the front-end compresses. If you feel anything that shivers up towards your head, it might be that the pressure from the inner fluid presses down on sensitive tissues. This should be a cause for alarm and you should rest with the exercise for a while.

How To Eliminate Back Pain With Tadasana Yoga

Dismiss your thoughts of how yoga SHOULD look like.

Yoga should support rather than hurt or anatomical architecture, just as it should increase an optimal degree of movement. That is why it is important to understand and be humble to your body’s signals of warnings.

As a practitioner of yoga, we sometimes get too fixated on the way we look while performing the different poses, rather than what is biometrical correct. You should really understand WHY we do the motions and how you can maximize the benefits and the results by focusing on the interior rather than the exterior.

By examining the foundations of the posture and the limitations of the body, we could practically minimize and eliminate the back pain whatsoever.

How do you deal with back pain? Have you tried yoga?

Mr. Back is a 26 year old student that has a bachelors degree in Kinesiology, a Certified Strength, and Conditioning Specialist and currently studying the PhD Physical Therapy program. His main focuses have been on back-related issues and he loves to share his strong passion for how the human body works!

5 thoughts on “How To Eliminate Back Pain With Tadasana Yoga

  1. Ive never tried yoga, and I do have back problems sometimes. I have certain postions i know that help align myself and sometimes a chiropractor is all that will help.Ill definitely try this pose to strengthen my core!

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  2. Yoga only goes so far. People with severe pain due to arthritis, bulging discs and other bone problems may even experience more pain by certain poses that twist the spine. There was an article I had posted that stated how yoga can cause more harm.

    As a back pain sufferer and fitness professional I do stretches to lengthy the spine. The child and bridge pose help for bulging disc. However, any twisting will cause my arthritis in facet joints to flare up.

    People who do not have chronic back pain do not know from a personal level what truly works. I know my body better than any doctor.

    Blessings, Emma

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