Important Advice That You Need Before You Start Exercising

Are you finally ready to start an exercise program? Congratulations! Just make sure you read this first.

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Important Advice Before You Start Exercising

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So you’re finally ready to start working out. Awesome!

But how can you make sure you have chosed the right fitness program for you? In this post, Mr. Back will share important advice to consider before you start. Read on!

Important Advice That You Need Before You Start Exercising

Physical activity has once again started to get into the center of attention around many different areas of our society.

More and more, companies have understood the correlation between good physical health on the workplace and invest in keeping a healthy work force. Social-media is also a channel for physical activity and healthy eating.

In today’s D.I.Y-driven society, an ever-increasing number of people are beginning to make their health a priority. One can find almost any kind of workout online for no cost and the fact that it is easy to access has increased its appeal immensely.

But one cannot simply jump into the high intensity lifestyle that some of us live in today. It increases the risk of the crash-and-burn effect.

Important Advice Before You Start Exercising

As a guideline for people just getting into living a active lifestyle or people that are rehabilitating from an injury,  I like to use the word:

S.M.A.R.T: Small, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound 

Starting small is the most important – especially when the decision is made to implement an exercise routine. 

An overweight person with back-pain does not benefit from going to the gym and lifting heavy weights 7 times a week. It will just backfire into even more body discomfort.

Lighter exercises to begin with such as foam rolling or anything in that capacity could be an excellent way to start your healthy lifestyle!

Activity helps ramp up weight loss efforts, but it also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy weight once a goal has been reached.

Important Advice Before You Start Exercising

But to simply dive in to physical activity and assume that is “easy”, or going full steam with any machine, could be dangerous, especially for the sedentary or the desk-workers that only get up a few times throughout the day.

Physical activity is not only showing a result on the outside, it also has good internal benefits. Of course, exercise builds muscle, but it will also keep the joints lubricated so that simple movements such as walking and every-day activities seem more effortless.

Working the back specifically, increases spinal stability, decreases the likelihood of injury and improves posture – this last, having a direct effect on one’s feeling of confidence as a bonus.

The internal effects of physical activity are truly great and lead to a longer, more healthy life. The mind and the mindset can also help with living a healthy lifestyle by analyzing and combating generalized pain.

As we age the body changes; blood flow slows down, which leads to an increased blood pressure, cholesterol tends to creep up, and the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and diabetes increases as well. The best thing to keep all of these in check is exercise.

Important Advice Before You Start Exercising

As with any exercise, there are some movements that are good for easing and preventing back pain and some to be avoided that may make pain worse or even become the cause of the pain.

Like toe touches; bending forward to touch one’s toes may lead to over stretching the back and hamstring muscles as well as pulling on the ligaments and discs of the spine, putting greater stress on these parts than is necessary.

Also overhead weight lifting can be really bad because doing any over-the-head movements with added weight puts more pressure on the back and causes the spinal column to compress.

Prolonged resting, may lengthen the amount of time that back is in pain. Everything in motion tends to stay in motion so this helps keep the back muscles from becoming stiff and therefore increasing the pain.

Important Advice Before You Start Exercising

How Much Exercise can be Too Much?

How much to exercise is an equal important question to consider. 

For physical activity to be of maximum benefit it must be done on a more consistent basis and the routine must be easy to maintain.  Since 2006 the recommended amount of activity, in general, for adults across the board is at least 30 minutes per day. 

Doing just those 30 minutes can help with weight maintenance and benefit to a healthy and active body.

The most common reasoning behind not exercising is lack of time. Most people are, by now, familiar with the 30 minutes statistic, but most people ALSO assume that the 30 minutes must be done all at the same time. 

By shifting the mindset to 30 minutes of movement throughout the day, the whole idea of exercise is less cumbersome.  An important thing to consider as this mindset shifts is that all movement that one does throughout the day is considered exercise.

Important Advice Before You Start Exercising 

Creating movement in the body can add to relieve muscle tension and can be implemented pretty much anywhere in today’s society, finding a good neck massager for travel is a great way to start relieving your body from pain.

If 30 minutes is thought of as broken up then if one says “I just don’t have time” it becomes a matter of priorities rather than finding a 30-minute block of time where all the stars align, and time all to yourself may be found, uninterrupted. 

If the statement is changed then to “it’s not a priority” as opposed to “I don’t have time” one realizes that themselves have not been made a priority, a truly profound realization and one that may help change how exercise is viewed entirely.

Important Advice Before You Start Exercising

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced when starting a fitness program? Share in the comments!

Author bio

Mr. Back is a 26 year old student that has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and currently studying the PhD Physical Therapy program.

His main focuses have been on back-related issues and he love to share his strong passion for how the human body works! If you want to read more about this subject, read a more back-specific article about how exercise can prevent back-pain here.

4 thoughts on “Important Advice That You Need Before You Start Exercising

  1. Exercise is a crucial component to healthy living. So many view it as an elective activity if time permits. If one is willing to re-evaluate one’s priorities, this would be better recognized as an essential component worth making time for. Who wants to grow older, lose function, and live a significant number of years (commonly 10-30+) with pain and disabilities. The body breaks down faster if it isn’t maintained. It breaks down even faster if it is ABUSED (ex. poor diet, lack of needed hydration, increased levels of stress, lack of adequate sleep, sedentary living, etc…)

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  2. I’m 60 and promote health and wellbeing including keeping fit and active with exercise and healthy eating. Thanks for sharing your post with us at #BloggersPitStop – health and fitness are just so important.

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