An Amazing Weight Loss Journey That Will Inspire You

This weight loss story is proof that you can start where you are, do what you can, and still get amazing results.

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An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

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 For many, weight loss seems like an unchievable dream. Perhaps you’re tired of going paleo or keto without any results to show for it. Maybe you’re tired of trying crossfit and hot yoga only to see your love handles remain defiantly at your side. 
But sometimes, all you need is a simple plan and consistency. 
In mid-January, I shared my post “Ready for a Simple and Effective Healthy Eating Challenge?” at the Blogger’s Pit Stop link up. This healthy eating challenge has no trick to it. It’s simply about pledging not to eat any junk food for four weeks. Simple.
A few days later, Deb commented to let me know about how she was experiencing some truly amazing results. I must say her story blew me away! Despite her fears and everyday obstacles, she has managed to follow the challenge and inspire me along the way. 
This is her story.
(You can view our entire comment exchange on the Simple and Effective Healthy Eating Challenge series.)
Amazing Weight Loss Journey 6

An Amazing Weight Loss Journey That Will Inspire You

by Deb

Jan 24, 2018

I started the 4-week challenge and lost 9 lbs in a 1 week! I calibrated my scale before weighing. Each time I weighed I just just couldn’t believe my eyes.

Feb 1, 2018

I have now lost 10lbs. It’s not even the end of the 3 weeks! I am going to do it another 4 weeks. Why stop now? lol

Feb 1, 2018

I wanted to tell you about me a little. I am almost 64 and have some medical issues that don’t allow me to do any exercises except what physical therapy gives me. So to lose this weight with just following the challenge is amazing to me. I haven’t had any cravings, though I had a problem figuring out what to have. I found 2 tbs of hummus satisfied me one night.
My first week I had a challenge. My friend invited me to eat lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Took me a minute before I thought what to have, wonton soup and steamed vegetables. I did fill up but it sure was boring lol.
I had to laugh when I read the cravings post and there was a cheese burger. I had one a few days ago and it didn’t taste good to me. Yaay!

Feb 12, 2018

My total weight loss for the 4 weeks is 11 lbs! I may have lost more but I ate breakfast before I weighed in. I am continuing the challenge until I get to my goal. Why stop now? I can’t weight to see after the next 4 weeks what my weight loss will be!
An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Feb 12, 2018

I craved salt and sweet before this challenge. I did not eat the list of foods except for 2 times. I really didn’t exercise. I lost 11 lbs maybe more but I ate before weighing in.
I am at a weight i haven’t seen in years. I have 30 more I want to lose, so I will continue the challenge until I get there.
I have to say I haven’t had cravings at all. Just had to figure what I wanted for a snack one evening, but 2 tbs of hummus satisfied me.
I did eat out at lunch a couple of times, but I tried my best to eat the best I could. That included splitting the meal with my friend the last time. The first time, I had wonton soup and steamed veggies at a Chinese restaurant. It wasnt the greatest tasting but I did it.
I have been with family and friends and they were eating things I shouldn’t have, but I did not want them. I really felt great about that!
Anyway, I want to thank you for this challenge and say how easy it has mostly been for me.
An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Feb 18, 2018

I am almost 64 and because a lot of physical problems I can only do what my physical therapist allows, which isn’t much so I am very surprised how much weight I’ve lost. I have some spine issues and may have surgery.
The first week, my husband was so nice, he ate all the ice cream for me. Lol. Such a sacrifice! Lol. We made sure I had good snacks, fruit, humus, yogurt etc. For meals, I ate chicken, some ground hamburger, potatoes and veggies. I did use butter, but not globs of it.
I didn’t weigh or measure my food like i had always done, although I did have the food scale handy, Before the 2nd week i had lost 9 lbs! I calibrated my scale and got on it 5 times! I couldn’t believe what the numbers were!
I didn’t find it hard to stay away from the foods listed, but I was invited to eat at a Chinese restaurant before the 2nd week was up. When my friend asked me, I didn’t answer right away. I had to think what on earth could I eat that wasn’t fried. Wonton soup and steamed vegetables was all that came to my mind.
When i joined her she had those fried chip things and the sweet sauce to dip them in. It didn’t bother me for a while, but then, I started imagining me reaching for one. I stopped myself and asked her to move it from my reach and sight. She gave me a funny look, but did.
The soup was good, but those veggies were boring. They served a ginger dip with it. I took a few small tastes and I didn’t like it. I continued to eat the bland veggies while my friend had all those fried foods. I had won my first challenge! I felt great!
An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey
My husband was a great support and would buy the foods I wanted when he was at the store. Another time I went out again with that friend. We split a sandwich and each got a soup.
The one time i did break the challenge was when I took my granddaughter to a fast food place. I got a cheeseburger, but I did not enjoy it at all. Yayyy!
One night i could not figure out what i wanted for a little snack. I had decided on 2 tbs of hummus right off the spoon. It did the trick! Another time, same granddaughter, who is 13, a tall 5’7”, long-legged, and doesn’t gain a pound, was eating ice cream and cookies. I said no to them. Oh, I was for my tallest a whopping giant of 5 feet tall, because of my discs i am below 4’10”.
Anyway, my husband got me hummus and a few crackers instead of what she was eating. Yay, Bob! My final weigh in was after breakfast and had me at 11 loss! The next day, I weighed before eating and my total in 4 weeks is 12lbs!!!  I am at a weight I haven’t seen in years no matter what I did.
This week was going to be my 2nd week 1.  My friend’s son is doing the same challenge, so I am challenging him for the next 4 weeks. We will start next monday.
The first 4 weeks, he had only lost 9 lbs. He is a sports physical therapist assistant, 23 years old and is super fit and exercises. Should be interesting to see how this one challenge goes.
An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Feb 21, 2018

Now for a confession. I was going to start the challege last monday, but life got in the way. One was daughter moving and ordered pizza for us. Well, it had pepperoni and other stuff but that was the one I hadn’t had in a long time.
The next day i was hurting, bloated and feeling awful. That was the last thing I can remember, I think because I felt so bad. I got on the scale and had gained a pound. I know it could be water, but, I truly think it was the week’s foods.
I am back to 147, and I am on the challenge again. Oh, and I got a recumbent exercise bike. They put me on one at physical therapy, so I know it is ok to do. I did 10 minutes with a 4 minute rest in between. Later, I will do it again and see if I can increase time.
I started the challenge again and maybe with the bike and staying away from foods not good for me, I will have a great loss weight again, though I will take what ever I lose and be happy.
An Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Deb’s Weight Loss Success

Isn’t it an amazing journey? And to think it’s only just starting! 
In my opinion, this is what Deb is doing right:
  • She enlisted a support system. Her husband is on board and totally supportive, and her friend also agreed to support in at least a small way. Having a support system is crucial to any weight loss journey.
  • She is finding ways to replace junk food with healthy, nutritious food. And she has made arrangements to keep healthy food available so she can avoid junk food cravings as much as possible.
  • She’s committed. Even though staying away from junk food is difficult for her, she is putting her best foot forward and trying her best to eat healthy food. She didn’t give in at the first obstacle.
  • She’s not punishing herself when she makes a mistake. She simply gets back on the bandwagon and tries again.

Amazing Weight Loss Journey 7

 As you can see, Deb is not doing anything too complicated. She’s not spending hours at the gym or eating from a complex meal plan. She’s just avoiding junk food and is being consistent with the plan. That’s all!
It’s very likely she will encounter new obstacles and face setbacks. It’s also very likely her weight loss will plateau at some point, but I’m hopeful Deb will find a way to continue her weight loss journey. 
Great things start from humble beginnings, and small changes amount to a huge difference. Keep going, Deb!
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

Have you embarked on you own weight loss journey? Share you story in the comments!


5 thoughts on “An Amazing Weight Loss Journey That Will Inspire You

  1. I just wanted to let you know how i have been doing. Not the greatest 2 weeks but i stick with challenge as much as i can if not i start right up as soon as i can . I have had a day or days, the challenge was not the winner. We all know life throw things at us and sometimes we just do what we have to. When that happens and the new day starts so do i. So here is to tomorrow. Or i should say today since where i it’s almost 1 in the morning.
    Here’s to a success and feeling great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nobody’s perfect, we’re all a work in progress. But consistency is the secret to success. If you consistently try stay away from junk food, even if you a couple of bad days, you still come out a winner. Here’s to feeling great!


  2. Over the last few years, I feel like my clothes shrunk in the machine, or is it the shops have reduced sizes to save on material?the truth is that my waistline is like growing a few centimeters every day.
    This post is a real motivation, thanks so much for sharing, will follow and see if I can lose some weight as truth be known, my weight is getting out of control and I`m forever looking for excuses instead of looking for a solution.

    Liked by 1 person

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