Why Exercise Will Make You A Better Man

Many men aren’t getting enough exercise nowadays. Stress, lack of time and other reasons are keeping guys from hitting the gym, but this is why you should.

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Reasons Why Men Should Exercise

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Let’s face it. Currently, women still have longer life expectancies than men. Men are simply more likely than women to smoke, drink, feel stressed, and be overweight. And they’re generally more reluctant to eat their greens, too.

Plus, men just don’t like going to the doctor even when they need it. Men just don’t like to feel weak. Or sick.

But guys, you really need to step up your game.

In particular, exercise is one of the best ways to improve men’s health. Only a few minutes of moderate activity a day can have a tremendous positive impact on health. But then why are so many fellas avoiding the gym at all costs?

Reason 8 Why Men Should Exercise

The problem with men and exercise

We know men hate looking or feeling weak, and this fuels their gym fear, along with lack of time and several other factors.

If you’re a man and you haven’t done any kind of exercise in years, you might be hell-bent on avoiding any kind of gym situation. And not because you don’t care about your health.

The problem is men have a very clear idea of what their bodies are supposed to be able to do. If they go into a gym and find they aren’t able to bench press 100 pounds, they’ll know for sure they’re weak. And no man wants that.

Plus, there’s the fear of being surrounded by other, more muscular (and probably stronger) men. Because nowadays, men are supposed to look buff, right? Thanks a lot, Vin Diesel! How can an ordinary guy not feel intimidated?

Yes, it’s a pickle. But you should keep in mind men have a lot to gain from regular exercise, and it’s not just about getting ripped.

Reasons Why Men Should Exercise

The benefits of exercise for men

1. Weight loss

This one is pretty obvious, move more and you’ll lose the bulge. It’s a no-brainer.

But losing weight carries more benefits than simply looking good. Being overweight or obese can lead to chronic ailments such as diabetes or heart disease, which can be very serious.

Would you like to have to check your glucose every day and get dialysis? Didn’t think so. Have you ever heard of the guy who had a heart attack and now can’t ever have his favorite juicy steak anymore? That could be you.

Working out for at least 30 minutes a day can turn your life around and help you lose a few pounds. In turn, this will also keep your blood pressure and glucose levels in check and help keep diabetes and heart disease away.

If you feel intimidated, exercise at home or get a gym partner. If you don’t have time, make time. Just don’t make any more excuses and start moving today.

Reasons Why Men Should Exercise

2. Higher testosterone levels

Testosterone levels decrease with age, and this can cause a number of problems: diminished sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass and strength, hair loss and increased body fat.

In other words, you don’t want your testosterone to disappear. But it might if you remain a couch potato forever.

The good news is exercise will keep your testosterone levels in the safe zone. Even a moderate amount of physical activity will do.

FYI, Hims is also a great resource for male testosterone related issues such as hair loss and erectile disfunction. Along with exercise, it could help you prevent a whole lot of trouble!

Reasons Why Men Should Exercise

3. Reduced risk of cancer

Colon cancer and prostate cancer are two of the leading causes of death for men. But guess what? You guessed it. Exercise can keep those away!

Plus, exercise can also help with cancer recovery after treatment and it might even be able to keep the cancer from returning.

Although this has only been found to be true for colon cancer, it’s very likely exercise may also play in a role in fighting other kinds of cancer.

Are you still thinking about staying away from the gym?

Reasons Why Men Should Exercise

4. Stronger bones and bigger muscles

So in the end, exercise is all about getting big biceps, right? Wrong. You don’t need to get pumped up in order to be healthier.

Resistance training and weightlifting will certainly make your muscles bigger, but this has many more benefits than simply getting a six pack.

Even if you’re not totally ripped, exercise will still make your bones stronger and your muscles bigger. This means better posture, fewer aches and pains, reduced risk of injury, and less belly fat. You’ll look and feel great even if your biceps aren’t as big as Vin Diesel’s.

You don’t want to be the guy with the bad back and achy knees, do you? Didn’t think so.

Reasons Why Men Should Exercise

5. Improved quality of life

Going to the gym is probably the last thing you want to do after a long day at work, but there’s a good reason why you should go anyway.

Exercise has been found to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and anger because it triggers the release of endorphins, or “feel good” hormones.

And as strange as it may sound, exercise can also help you feel less tired. It can boost your energy levels and help you sleep better.

Next time, think twice about skipping that sweat session. It might just be the highlight of your day.

Reasons Why Men Should Exercise

Are you ready for your next workout?

I bet you are, because you’re dying to be the guy who can lose the love handles and the beer belly.

But more importantly, I bet you want to be the guy who can beat the odds and live a long, healthy life.

Exercise can help you become a better, stronger, healthier man, so get up and start moving. It’s one of the things in life you’ll never regret doing.

What is one thing that’s keeping exercise out of your life?

Comment if you’re a man who would like to improve his health or if you know and love a man who should!


3 thoughts on “Why Exercise Will Make You A Better Man

  1. Hey Fabi! Now it’s my turn to come and stop by.

    I love this post. You’re right on so many levels. Fortunately, I personally haven’t had many issues with working out, even since I was a little boy. Unfortunately, I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 10, yet it hasn’t held me back from being involved in running long distance. I still do to this day, and I’m already 33.

    I know it’s truly difficult for some people to exercise though. So, I’d personally suggest getting involved in a group of like-minded people in similar or varying conditions of health to go running or do some sort of sport together. If that’s not possible, then pick a best friend or even your partner to workout with you.

    It’s much easier to get motivated when you’re with someone else to help push you along, don’t you think?

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