How to Stay Healthy During Halloween

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For kids and us adults, Halloween is all about costumes and candy! Who are we kidding, it is all about the candy!  The key is balancing the Halloween treats while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  A little indulgence won’t hurt, but eating an entire bag of candy in one night is not a good idea!

Here are a few tips for staying healthy:

  1. It’s no secret that candy contains sugar and too much sugar is unhealthy. On Halloween night, eat a full nutritious meal before trick-or-treating with your kids or handing out candy. This can help to keep your hands out of the candy bowl.
  1. Limit eating leftover candy to just a few days after. Freeze the remaining or bring it to work and let others get rid of it for you! You can also Pick a date to throw away any leftover candy and stick to it.
  1. Brush your…

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