Energetic Workout Songs That Will Get Your Heart Pumping

Working out to music is a proven way to get you in a sweating mode. This is a list of the songs that always make want to start moving!

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Energetic Workout Songs | Wonder Fabi

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Listening to music while you do exercise is a powerful and fun way to motivate yourself. Have you ever reflected on this? Music literally makes you want to get up and start moving!

There are also many benefits to working to music:

  • You can use music to pace yourself. If you want to work harder or run faster, just listen to fast-paced music. On the other hand, if you want to stretch and relax, listen to slower music.
  • Uplifting music can get you in a certain mood in the blink of eye. Why not use this to get yourself in a working out mood?
  • Music lets you workout without distracting you, as opposed to watching TV. You’ll be more aware of keeping up good form, heart rate, and necessary reps. Watching TV will take your mind away from these important aspects of exercise.
  • Music is fun, and it makes exercise fun. Is there a better reason?

My Favorite Energetic Workout Songs

I often play these songs during my workout because they always get me in the mood.

Sometimes I might change my playlists, but these songs are usually in it. What can I say? I just find them motivating.

1. 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero

I use this song to warm up. It makes me feel like I’m a superheroe getting ready for the fight. Yes, I know it sounds funny.


These next three songs really get my cardio going!

2. Gonna Make You Sweat by C+C Music Factory

3. Play Hard by David Guetta

4. Unbelievable by EMF


These songs power my strength workouts.

5. Stronger by Kanye West

6. Numb/Encore by Jay-Z and Linkin Park

7. Uprising by Muse


I play this next song when I think I can’t go on anymore, and then I can.

8. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson


And sometimes I play these fun songs just because I like a Latin beat!

9. La La La by Shakira

10. The Cup of Life by Ricky Martin


My Workout Playlists

Just in case you need more inspiration, check out my workout playlists. Do you prefer pop or rock music?

Pop Workout Playlist

Rock Workout Playlist

What’s your favorite workout song or playlist? Please share it in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Energetic Workout Songs That Will Get Your Heart Pumping

  1. hmm.. anything upbeat! My taste in music and the songs I listen to during a workout sometimes differ. The beat is mainly repsonsible for motivating me at the gym. Whereas when I am a​t home I am more focused on the lyrics of a song! I love your rock workout playlist 🙂

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