10 Powerful Quotes That Will Inspire Your Week

Starting a new week isn’t always easy. Getting up on Monday can be so hard! That’s why you need to read these inspiring quotes that will get you off to a great start.

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Powerful Quotes That Will Inspire Your Week | Wonder Fabi

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Getting up on Monday morning has never been easy, especially after you’ve had an enjoyable weekend. Who wants to get back to the grind?

However, starting the week off on the right foot is extremely important. It will give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals, and it will also improve your chances for success. Either you run the week or the week runs you.

Motivation is a powerful tool to get a good start to the week, and one of my favorite means of motivation are quotes. And coffee.

Inspiring quotes always give me that extra push when I need to do something difficult, like getting up early to workout on Monday. The struggle is real!

So here are ten of my favorite motivational quotes to start the week. I hope you will find them inspiring too!

Powerful Quotes That Will Inspire Your Week


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How do you motivate yourself to start the week? Tell me about it in the comments!



7 thoughts on “10 Powerful Quotes That Will Inspire Your Week

    1. That’s one of my all-time favorite quotes. To be honest, it’s difficult to always hold yourself up to such high standards, but quotes like these are a reminder. Glad to know you feel the same way!


  1. Hi Fabi,
    Very cool. I assumed you used SlideShare? Impressive! I agree with what you wrote about the difficulty of getting up on Monday. This should make it easier for you: You just won the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party with this post. You’ll be featured on my site tomorrow.
    Janice, your hostess.
    PS I like all the quotes. I can’t pick a favorite.


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