This is Why I’ll Never Have Six-Pack Abs

Have you ever wished you could have six-pack abs? Me too. But I have come to accept the fact that I’ll probably never have fabulous abs, and here’s why.

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This Is Why I'll Never Have Six-Pack Abs | Wonder Fabi

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My health and fitness journey

I spent a good part of my life wishing I was thinner, but I never had the guts to actually do something about it until a few years ago.

I gained weight after having each of my kids, but the last pregnancy was the worst. By the time I gave birth, I was up to 183 pounds on my 5-foot frame. It was awful! After my daughter was born, I started working out and eating healthy in order to lose all that baby weight.

Currently, I am 58 pounds lighter and in a much better physical form that I’ve ever been before. I’m stronger and fitter, which is a huge advantage when you have three kids, like me.

I’m also healthy. My blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal. I have no pains or aches in my knees or back. My digestion runs like clockwork. In fact, I feel better than when I was 20 years old!

You could say I’ve made it to the end of the journey, right? Wrong.

This Is Why I'll Never Have Six-Pack Abs | Wonder Fabi

I’m still overweight-obese

Despite all these victories, I don’t have a lean-looking body. I still have a pooch in my belly and you can see my fat rolls when I sit down. I don’t have defined cheekbones, and I certainly don’t have six-pack abs.

In fact, I recently had a body fat measurement and I’m at 35%. All those years of hard work and I’m still in the “overweight-obese” category. I can’t help but think I should be depressed about this.

But to tell you the truth, it doesn’t really bother me to know that the body fat test is telling me I’m a big ball of blubber. I know I’m healthy and I feel like a million dollars.

This Is Why I'll Never Have Six-Pack Abs | Wonder Fabi

I’m not settling for being fat

Technically I do have a six-pack, but it’s buried beneath a thick layer of body fat. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever dig it out of there. Nobody will ever see my six-pack, I’m sure.

But that doesn’t mean I’m settling for being fat. Not at all.

First of all, even though the body fat test places me in the “overweight-obese” category, I did lose a lot of weight. That proves I’m not settling because I’m certainly not the same size I used to be. Not even close.

Also, I’m still losing belly fat. A couple of months ago I had the same body fat measurement test and I was at 39.7%. I would say that is a huge improvement.

Simply by looking at me, you might think I’m not doing anything to reduce those fat rolls, but you’d be wrong. In truth, my fat rolls are getting smaller over time because I’m still eating healthy and exercising. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.

This Is Why I'll Never Have Six-Pack Abs | Wonder Fabi

Why I don’t want six-pack abs

Finally, as much as I like losing body fat, there’s only so much I can take. I have to draw the line somewhere.

You see, in order to have a visible six-pack, a woman needs to have less than 15% body fat. That’s crazy! That’s a body fat percentage only suitable for athletes training for competition. And even then, a lot of women athletes are unable to maintain such a low body fat percentage.

This means that if I was trying to have a visible six-pack, I would have to train and eat like a professional athlete, but do I want to be a professional athlete? No, I don’t.

Let’s make this clear. I’m a 40-year-old mother of three who simply wants to be healthy and stay healthy, that’s all.

I want to be able to indulge in certain things now and then. I want to sleep in during the weekends and the holidays. I want to have a glass of wine on the weekends. Hell, I need that glass of wine. I also need lots of chocolate in my life.

Giving up junk food and sugar were huge changes for me, and it was fine because those changes made me healthier. But I refuse to start counting calories and macros and taking supplements. I don’t want to pay for a personal trainer, and I’m sure as hell not going to train for two or more hours every day.

That’s what professional athletes do, and they have six-packs. But that’s not who I am and that’s not what I want to do with my life.

This Is Why I'll Never Have Six-Pack Abs | Wonder Fabi

Being fit and healthy on my own terms

This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to keep eating healthy and working out for 30 minutes a day in the comfort of my own home. I’m going to keep avoiding junk food and sugar. I’m also going to keep indulging every now and then, and I’m still going to have a glass of wine and some chocolate on the weekends.

I’m going to be thankful for my body and for everything it can do. I’m going to continue to take care of it because it’s the only one I’ll ever have, and I’m going to keep striving for health and fitness.

But I’m not going to torture myself in order to achieve something that’s not going to make me happy. My weight loss journey is about loving myself no matter what I look like. I don’t need six-packs to love myself.

In spite of my decision, I believe having a six-pack is possible, and anybody can get one if they work hard enough. You just have to pay the price.

Do I want to pay that price? No. Should you? It’s your choice. Do whatever makes you feel good.

But if this means I’ll never be able to show off my hidden six-pack, too bad. I’ll still be healthy and happy, and that’s good enough for me.

 Would you like to have six-pack abs? or a little less belly fat? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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71 thoughts on “This is Why I’ll Never Have Six-Pack Abs

  1. I enjoyed reading this and I think you make a lot of really good points and congrats on your weightloss and healthy living!! Two years ago I was 35 pounds heavier and my body fat percentage was about 21%. Now I am 6 foot, 144 pounds, 13% body fat. It took hard work and dedication and I work out for an hour 5 days a week and am really really conscious about my diet. BUT I do still drink wine, eat chocolate, and pizza every now and then to keep myself sane. In my experience, you dont have to be a professional athlete to get a six pack. Just dedicated. If you want it girl, go after it!! thanks again for sharing your awesome journey

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    1. You do look very fit and slim, but I guess all bodies are different. Fat loss comes very slowly to me, even with dedication, and I just don’t see how having a six-pack will add to my well-being and health. I’m pretty sure I could get one if I had a powerful reason to do it, but so far I haven’t found one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had amazing abs when I was younger, pre-kids. It just isn’t at the top of my priority list anymore. I do still work very hard at my health and fitness with a daily 5 mile run and strength training in between. As long as I feel awesome, I’m good to go.

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  3. Fabi, congratulations on your health and fitness success and continuing journey AND on being soooo sensible! Keep up the good work, don’t change a thing, hold onto your very realistic and healthy approach to diet and fitness. I think your health would suffer if you got down to 15% body fat. I think everyone should read this post! Tweeting it now.

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  4. None of the women in my family (including my adult daughters) have any kind of a pack, although I can see the beginnings of a two-pack in my upper abs now that 30 lbs are gone. We’re all curvy, no one is thin, but at healthy weights with decent BMIs. After bearing two kids, I managed to get my waist back, but there is loose skin and a stretch mark or two. Now at age 57, midlife hormones took their toll, but the weight can be whittled down. A lot of healthy food can still be high in sugar and fat. Weight watchers really helped me ID the “healthy” food of which I was eating too much!

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  5. I think it’s really great that you’ve taken responsibility for your weight and health and you’ve made such huge improvements. I personally believe we live in a society that sells perfection and unreal expectations. I had two giant babies, I am 55 and still have a little pooch that I ended up with after having them. I am a healthy weight and I refuse to bow to social pressure and waste my life eating lettuce and sweating. Lets be happy and healthy and balanced and high five ourselves for producing beautiful children. xx

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  6. I will never have a 6 pack for abs for a couple of reasons. First, I am a belly dancer and I need a bit of a belly and second when you are too thin, you are cold all the time. I don’t remember who said it but they said “Mommies are supposed to be smushy, not boney!
    As long as you are taking steps to be healthy and in good shape, you are making the right choices.

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  7. I always wanted a six pack of abs and like you I am in the 180s and 5 foot three. I do not know if I will ever see that happen. However striving to be fit and to set the example to your kids is the best thing you can do! Kids copy what we do and if they hear us make dozens of excuses they will remember that the next time they have a huge journy ahead! Good for you for setting a good example for your kids and doing your best!

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  8. I’m loving this post! I have no desire to have a 6 pack but would love to have a flat belly instead of a flabby belly! LOL I lost 15 pounds last year and planning to lose 15 more pounds this year. 🙂 Slow and steady wins the race as my dad says. Congrats on losing 58 pounds!!! I like how you said you are going to be healthy on your own terms. Such an encouraging post.

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  9. Congratulations on your process but you shouldn’t be so negative! Abs really aren’t that hard to achieve… I’d love to have a chat with you 😊 and anyone else that feels my page would help it’ll be great to hear from you all! I’m new so be nice 😉

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      1. Oh I’m sorry I think you’ve got my words twisted. I’m not trying to say a 6 pack is a must have to be considered healthy. Honestly it really doesn’t matter, as long as you feel healthy then that’s all that matters but you had said you’ve given up trying. In my opiniom that’s not really the attitude to have. Having a 6 pack is not a hard thing to achieve. You just need to understand how the body works, what workouts are best for your situation, use the correct form and eat healthy (eat alot if trying to gain muscle or stay healthy and small portions if looking yo lose weight) Are you on Instagram? @bodyweightblitz I’d love to have a proper chat with you.

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      2. I’m on Instagram, you can see my profile on my blog. I just started a new health and fitness program, it’s working well, I’m starting to lose belly fat again but I’m definitely not working towards a getting a six-pack. I’m not sold on that idea at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Good for you. I’d never recommend someone to start getting fit and healthy just for the 6 pack because once it’s achieved then you have nothing left to work for. Along as you live a healthy lifestyle the benefits of looking good come naturally 👌 I’m gonna message you on insta now and give you my free ebook which is all about “Fat burning secrets” it’s helped alot of my friends to lose that christmas belly haha


  10. Great piece! As a trainer i’ve seen this countless times and especially with my sis who’s had 3 c sections!! Abs are a great show of lean mass but enjoying your physical capabilities as you achieve them is much more rewarding! :] keep it up!

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  11. Hey Wonder Fabi–I found this inspiring. Thank you for sharing and for your honesty. I appreciate your focus on what is most important to you and how looks aren’t everything. Keep at it!!

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  12. Great read thank you. For years we have struggled with the same goal. Constantly striving for a six pack. But now we’ve tailored our approach to this by merely trying to fit into the gym clothing we sell on our site Best of luck with your journey moving forward. And remember, nothing else matter, if you’re happy.

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  13. Fantastic read! I have decided that doing five exercises in the morning is all I need and the practice serves my needs. You may also enjoy reading my blog, It’s a Healthy Wonderful Life. I have recently reestablished it; my most recent blog explains why …, if you would like to follow me and maybe learn some new and original healthy lifestyle strategies 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy it. Thanks again for your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Love it. Health and fitness can come in easy steps. Not just going crazy and paying tons of money to join gyms and get fancy gear. I love your emphasis on how easy it can be to take simple steps.

    I think you’d find my new blog has very similar posts. I encourage you to check it out! Like. Subscribe. Whatever. We are all in the fitness blogging game for the same thing. To spread healthy lifestyle as far and wide as we can. Definitely following your blog to learn more as I go 🙂

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  15. Health should always come first, I mean it’s fair to aim for goals for a short time (competing) but continually risking your own health to “look good” can IMHO not only be superficial but so damaging. Great Read!

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  16. What an inspiring and relatable read. I am in the health, sport and fitness industry and therefore know about the pressures that people place on themselves to look a certain way. I think that the fact that you have made healthier food choices, and have made an effort to live a healthier lifestyle (which has less to weight-loss and obviously an improved body image) is an awesome achievment! If you are ever looking for exercises or healthier lifestyle advice or alternatives check out my blog! It’s brand new (just created yesterday) but looking forward to posting loads more content soon.

    Thank you for your refreshing and healthy attitude! It’s because of people like you, that I love the industry that I am in – people creating the best/better versions of themselves!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I love your honesty! Truth be told I once wanted a 6 pack I still do, it actually comes and goes in the form of a 4 pack depending on its mood I supposed but you are right, if you really want it you have to pay the price. After reading through and seeing what it will take to get the 6 complete 6 pack I can safely say I have completely changed my mind!

    I like how you mentioned that you have to be happy during the process otherwise the whole journey will be pointless. I enjoy working out and I don’t have any plans of making this journey miserable.

    Thank you for the lovely piece.

    When you have time do stop by my fitness blog: I hope you find something you can relate to 🙂


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