How to Stay Gym-Motivated This Holiday Season

Staying fit during the holiday season is probably the biggest challenge of the year. The excess of delicious food and downtime can wreak havoc on any health and fitness plan. But today we’ve got you covered with these five easy tips to stay gym-motivated during the holidays by guest author Zara Lewis!

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This post features guest author Zara Lewis. She’s a mom, fitness & yoga enthusiast and a regular writer for High Style Life. She is devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of the life of her family and friends. She loves to share her parenting tips and is always open to learning some new skills because for her parenthood is like going to school forever. She enjoys traveling, hiking, cycling and baking.

So if you want to stay fit and healthy during the holidays, take a good look at this sage advice. Take it away, Zara!

How to Stay Gym-Motivated This Holiday Season

You wouldn’t really call holiday season the best time to improve your gym game, right? All the delicious food and leisure doesn’t really spark that I-wanna-stay-fit mojo now, does it? It’s more like I-ll-just-chill-on-the-sofa-and-have-another-slice-of-everything. Ahhhhh… We get it, we get it. But hey, just because we’re collectively bonkers all throughout holiday season doesn’t mean we should stop mutually encouraging one another to keep that hot bod’ in shape, right? Right!

Ok, so… we’ve put together a list of motivational activities that will surely get you from the sofa right onto the treadmill (or at least we hope they will!).

Here we go:

Be a kid for a second

How to Stay Gym-Motivated This Holiday Season | Wonder Fabi

Remember the carefree days of leisure and not a single worry in the world? Ah, so do we! Unfortunately, we aren’t kids anymore but the good news is that we can always compensate by playing with our kids or grandkids, right? Yes!

If you are living in the area that has a lot of snow in the winter days, make sure you gather your immediate family together as well as your friends and cousins and make an activity out of it! Snowballing, skiing, building an igloo, playing dodgeball in the snow or even volleyball (where the snow is an obvious substitute for sand), running around with your dog, etc. will be an awesome way to be active but have fun in the process! The snow is thicker than sand which will be amazing for your leg game!

Chill in front of the TV

How to Stay Gym-Motivated This Holiday Season | Wonder Fabi

Wait, what? Yeap, you’ve read it well. When the weather out is horrifying you really don’t have to force going to the gym or staying loyal to your games out. Pop in a workout DVD or pull up a YouTube fitness video, and get sweaty. This is going to be totally fun and efficient – you are working out while at home, and all you need is some basic commercial fitness equipment and determination. After your set of exercises,  take a quick shower, pop up a movie and enjoy that sore feeling in your muscles.

Keep the house clean

How to Stay Gym-Motivated This Holiday Season | Wonder Fabi

Ok, so what’s cleaning got to do with your fitness? Believe it or not – much! Instead of rolling your eyes to having to clean after your holiday feasts, embrace the chance to use it for your fitness!

The key to losing weight is to get your heart rate elevated (that’s when your heart starts to pump faster) and cleaning is just about one of the easiest things to do that! Make a commitment to vacuum clean every day, the whole house. Wash the inside and outside of your windows, shovel the snow, etc. This will get your abs activated and legs engaged. Your arms will get stronger, too and your house? Well, it will be sparkling, that’s for sure!

Gather the fam’

How to Stay Gym-Motivated This Holiday Season | Wonder Fabi

One of the reasons we all adore holiday time is because we make an effort to gather the family together and (try to) make up for all the time we haven’t been seeing each other throughout the year. Use this time to not only share experiences and talks of who’s got a promotion where and who’s broken up with whom but to engage in family sports activities together and make memories!

For instance, improve your soccer game by dividing the fam into two teams and setting a score; no one should let the others win, no matter the difference in age. If you are committed, you are likely to take this game as a real gym session and sweat off what needs sweating off. And when you think about it – all you need is two soccer goals, one ball and just a little bit of enthusiasm for your holiday soccer game to potentially be the cutest thing you’ve done the whole season!

You can even turn this into a holiday tradition, it will sure make for a beautiful experience. Hey, and don’t forget to take pics or videotape it!

Find a workout buddy

How to Stay Gym-Motivated This Holiday Season | Wonder Fabi

It’s holiday season, so it’s only normal that you’ll let yourself sleep in a little. However, try to keep your morning routine healthy; waking up just in time to have breakfast with the family is perfect and then squeezing in a jog, a hike or a run with your neighbor is perfect! Find a friend who is committed to keeping their body banging (even with all the holiday food lying around) and be her/his workout buddy. You two will be an awesome dynamic duo, especially if this is a friend you’ve got a lot to catch up with or just share. Not only will you keep your physique lean but you’ll at the same time invest in a friendship. Beautiful.

Let’s Do This!

Darling, don’t give up! You are never too old to be amazingly fit. We’re in the same jam as you are but we’ll give our best to stay true to our fitness goal. If we can, you can, too!

Do you have any other tips to stay fit and healthy during the holidays? Feel free to share them in the comments!


16 thoughts on “How to Stay Gym-Motivated This Holiday Season

  1. Yeah, It’s hard to stay away from the goodies during the holidays especially when you don’t want to go outside. Your suggestion on using a workout DVD inspired me to start doing yoga at home. thanks!

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  2. I plan it on my calendar so that I can get it in. If it’s on my calendar, it helps me not schedule over it especially with all the holiday parties and activities.

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