Eat! But, do not be That Girl!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, have a healthy breakfast and lunch, do a little exercise, and enjoy dinner without guilt. Life is too short to worry about calories all the time. Check out this wonderful post by UnSimply She!

UnSimply She

IMG_1963 Be Unapologetic

Please do not be That Girl who eats everything on her Thanksgiving plate and later laments, “Why did I eat all that?”

Please do not be That Girl who lists every thing she ate on Thanksgiving to her closest friends and 500 social media friends.

Please do not be That Girl who leaves the Thanksgiving table bitter because she denied herself a slice of homemade apple pie.

Please do not be That Girl who lets everyone know she went to the gym for two hours on Thanksgiving morning and two hours on Black Friday.

Be The Girl who unapologetically eats what she wants on Thanksgiving.

If you are That Girl, or you know That Girl…

There is a lot of emphasis on one day of eating. The news features a segment on the traditional, Thanksgiving meal’s calorie count. Fitness and food magazines explore healthier options. On the other…

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One thought on “Eat! But, do not be That Girl!

  1. Thanks for the post! Yes, that day we all may turn into Those Girls! I prefer to remember that Thanksgiving is not all about food, even not about post-thanksgiving workout and remorse; it is about family, fun, and gratitude. It is the jolly time you spend with your family and friends while not only eating serious amounts of delicious foods but also having fun and physical activities together. Turkey dance, anyone? 🙂

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