Healthy Thanksgiving Advice

Are you worried Thanksgiving dinner will ruin your healthy efforts? Fear not! Take a look at this sensible and doable advice by Battleborn Mom.

Battleborn Mom

Hello Readers!  Okay, so I’m sure we are all most likely concerned with overeating during the holiday months, especially on Thanksgiving Day.  And it isn’t odd to feel that way!  If you think about all the options that typically grace your table.  Most likely, everything is loaded with fat, salt, and sugar.  And even though you may try to eat healthy, it doesn’t always happen.  But there are a few things you can do to help with this.  So, let’s jump into them.

Don’t skip breakfast.  As much as you think skipping breakfast in order to balance out the caloric intake during the Thanksgiving feast, it’s the wrong thing to do.  Instead of “saving” for later, we tend to over eat because we’re hungry.  We think that one hors d’ouvre won’t hurt, but then it becomes two and then four and then before you notice you’ve eaten way more…

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