Finding Contentment. 4 tips to start loving your current life!

This post by Simply Grace is exactly what I needed to read today. We all need to start loving our lives right now, no matter what the problems. Much love to you all!

Simply | Grace

How in L O V E are you with your current life?!

Wow, how deep can this question be?!  As I meditate and reflect on all the years I wasted  longing for the next phase of life. My heart skips a beat and sorrow overwhelms me. However, I don’t need to continue to long for the next season of life when I can truly enjoy in abundance this one life am living.

What does it take to find contentment in the life your living? Learning to love my life as is means to discover the J O Y of little moments, humble beginnings, and growing in areas where am not naturally gifted. In my early years, I constantly awaited the next phase of my life when I got married I waited for my children, when I had my children I desperately wanted them to rush to the next phase … eating for themselves…

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