Attacking the Core – workout

I’m on the final week of the No Junk Till Halloween healthy eating challenge, and although avoiding junk food is great, exercise is also a part of my daily routine.
Let’s try this quick workout today and work those abs!

Healthie Pleasures


During a typical ab training session, you move your body through one of three distinct planes of motion: sagittal (curling or flexing your torso or legs back and forth), frontal (bend side to side) and transverse (twist or rotate through the waist). Generally speaking most tend to choose sagittal based exercises think the traditional sit up, to work their abdominals, but did you know that the majority of strength training moves like lunges, presses and squats contract your abs through the sagittal plane to keep you balanced. Which means you are probably overworking certain muscles fibres and under working others.

By working all three planes, more muscle fibers will be engaged resulting in greater gains, such as a firm, flatter tummy and stronger core that will offer support during your training sessions.

Attacking the Core from all Angles breakdown: 

Interval: 50 seconds work/10 second rest

Rounds 3



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