Simple And Effective Healthy Eating Challenge – Week 1

A week ago today, I began taking on a very simple but effective healthy eating challenge- avoid junk food for 4 weeks. I’ve been doing this for 7 days now, and the results have truly remarkable. Keep reading to see how the challenge worked out for me this week.

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Healthy Eating Challenge Week 1 | Wonder Fabi

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No Junk Healthy Eating Challenge

Last week, I started my own little healthy challenge- the No Junk Till Halloween Healthy Eating Challenge.

Over the last few month, junk food became one of the biggest problems in my life.

I was feeling bloated, with little energy, and I couldn’t function without the rush of a sugary treat in the afternoons. I was overeating during the weekends and my stomach felt upset all the time.

I couldn’t avoid the problem anymore. Junk food had crept back into my life, and I had to stop it or I would find myself back in the unhealthy hole I had successfully dug myself out of.

That’s why I decided to kick junk food out of my life for at least 4 weeks. I was sure that would make all the difference!

Healthy Eating Challenge | Wonder Fabi

Healthy Eating Challenge Week 1 Update

I haven’t been eating any junk food for a week, and I already feel a lot better!

My energy level is almost back to normal, and I don’t have an upset stomach anymore. I can also get through the whole day without thinking I need to have a sweet or salty treat at all.

I’m eating more veggies again, and I’m also drinking a lot of water. This is definitely helping with my digestion.

The best part is that I’m not bloated anymore, and this means that the waistline of my jeans feels looser and my belly is less prominent.

Above all, I feel a lot better about myself. I discovered that overeating junk food not only made me unhealthy but also made me feel bad about myself. With my upset, bloated stomach, I had started feeling ashamed of my body again.

But now that my digestion is back to normal, I no longer feel ashamed of my belly. I feel energized and fit, and even though my tummy is still there, I don’t feel ashamed anymore because I know my body is healthy.

Eating healthy is all about self-love!

Healthy Lifestyle Quotes | Wonder Fabi

Problems with the Healthy Eating Challenge

Ok, it’s true this past week hasn’t been a walk in the park.

Junk food is highly addictive, and that’s why it’s so hard to give it up. Truth be told, it’s taken a certain amount of willpower to keep away from it. 

I’ve had to fight cravings for junk food, and let me tell you that’s not easy at all. Last Thursday, I stopped myself in midair from stuffing a bunch of salty crackers in my mouth. I was able to put the crackers back, even though I could hear a little voice in my head telling me to simply blow the whole thing off.  Ugh, I hate that little voice.

The good news is that it does get easier as the days go by, so that keeps me motivated.

I’ve also remembered to follow my own advice. I know a few tips and tricks to keep cravings at bay, and I had been consciously ignoring them until last week. Last Wednesday, I got a really strong craving for something sweet, so I went back and read my own post and bingo! The answer was right there.

Read the 5 Rules For Beating Cravings That Will Keep You Slim.

5 Rules For Beating Cravings That Will Keep You Slim | Wonder Fabi

Healthy Eating Challenge 1st Week Results

Now that the first week of the challenge is up, I hope the cravings for junk will gradually disappear, or at least I hope it’ll be easier to deal with them.

All in all, it’s been a good week. I feel and look much better, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final results in a few more weeks. 

It’s amazing how a few simple changes can add up to such a huge difference, don’t you think?

Are you taking on this healthy eating challenge? I’d love to know how it’s going for you!

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13 thoughts on “Simple And Effective Healthy Eating Challenge – Week 1

  1. I wanted to tell you about me a little. I am almost 64 and have some medical issues that doesn’t allow me to do any exercises except what physical therapy gives me. So to lose this weight with just following the challenge is amazing to me. I haven’t had any cravings, though i had a problem figuring out what to have. I found 2 tbs of hummus satisfied me one night.
    My first week i had a challenge. My friend invited me to eat lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Took me a minute before i thought what to have, wonton soup and steamed vegetables. I did fill up but it sure was boring lol
    I had to laugh when i read the craving blog and there was a cheese burger. I had one a few days ago and it didn’t taste good to me. Yaay

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    1. Figuring out what to eat was one of the challenges I faced when I started my health and fitness journey, but now I have a whole list of foods to choose from. I don’t crave junk food anymore, and it’s the greatest feeling!! Your progress is absolutely awesome. I hope you’ll continue with your healthy journey. Seeing results is the best kind of motivation there is!


  2. My total weight loss for the 4 weeks is 11 lbs! I may have lost more but i ate breakfast before i weighed in. I am continuing the challenge until i get to my goal. Why stop now? I can’t weight to see after the next 4 weeks what my weight loss will be!

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