How To Do A Quick Sweaty Workout At Home

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m all for working out at home. I don’t know, but there’s something about paying a monthly gym fee and hanging around other people’s sweat that just doesn’t appeal to me. Why go out when you can get a perfectly good workout in without leaving the house? Check this out!

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Quick Sweaty Workout At Home - Wonder Fabi

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Everyday, after the kids leave for school, I put on my active wear and get ready for a good, sweaty, at-home workout.

This is really the best way I’ve found to keep fit. I’m just not too enthusiastic about having to spend good money on a monthly gym fee, or about having to face the morning traffic just to get to and from the gym. It all makes my head hurt.

That’s why I love working out home, but I have to tell you it’s not for everybody. You have to make sure you’re putting in enough effort, and you also have to motivate yourself enough so you don’t miss a single day.

If you think you can slack off just because you’re at home, you’re dead wrong. Staying home doesn’t mean being lazy, so let’s get moving!

How To Do A Quick Sweaty Workout At Home

I love HIIT (high-intensity interval training) routines because they’re quick, sweaty, and great for torching fat. And the best thing about HIIT is that you’ll still be burning fat hours after you’re done with your workout. Who wouldn’t love that?

This workout is has some pretty simple moves, but it gets pretty intense with those high-intensity intervals and short rest periods.

HIIT workout

How To Do This Workout

Click on this timer.

You’ll have 10 seconds to get ready, and then comes 30 seconds where you have to go all-out on the first move.

After that, you’ll have 10 seconds to catch your breath, and then 30 seconds on intensity with the second move.

Keep going like this. When you’ve gone through all six moves, repeat the entire circuit without taking a break.

You’ll go through the circuit 3 times in 12 minutes. It’s going to get sweaty!

Are you working out right?

Remember you have to go all out when you do each move. You can’t take it easy or slack off because then your workout won’t be any good. 

How do you know you’re doing it right? Easy! If you can hold a conversation while you’re working out, you’re not doing it with enough intensity.

If these moves are not enough to get your heart pumping, you can add intensity by doing squat jumps instead of squats, or jump lunges instead of lunges.

Come on, people! It’s only 12 minutes! There’s no taking it easy here.

Are you ready to toch some fat? Let’s do this!

Have you tried HIIT routines? Do you like this kind of workouts? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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