Important Reasons Why Failure Will Help You Succeed

Every Monday, I wake up thinking about last week’s goals. Did I accomplish them? Yes! No. I’ve failed to reach my goals for several weeks in a row. Why do I even keep trying? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

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Important Reasons Why Failure Will Help You Succeed | Wonder Fabi

Almost three years ago, I embarked on a health and fitness journey. My long-term goal was to lose all the excess baby weight I had gained during my last pregnancy. More than 50 pounds in all.

Now, I am actually 55 pounds lighter, but I confess the journey has been everything but easy. It’s been hard, really hard.

Many times, I’ve found myself at a plateau where nothing seems to work. I’ve slipped back into my old bad habits time after time. I’ve had one too many portions of sweets. I’ve tried healthy recipes that didn’t turn out to be so good. I’ve felt tired of the whole thing and I’ve felt like I should just give up.

Right now, it’s one of those bad times. For the last few weeks, I’ve dragged myself out of bed every Monday with a heavy feeling for not reaching the goals I set for myself during the week. I keep failing to stick to plan. Should I just give up?

No. Failure is necessary to succeed. Failure is life’s feedback. Without failure, we can’t know if we’re doing things right or not. Failure is a lesson we need to learn.

But when you fail, you are not the problem. The plan failed, things didn’t work out. Not you, so don’t put yourself down. You should think things through and learn whatever failure is trying to teach you. Only then will you succeed.

I’ve been failing to stick to a healthy eating plan, so I need to take a step back and work out the problem. It happens. It’s happened to me before. I need to learn why the plans have failed. I need to think things through.

One thing is for sure. I’m not going to give up. I’m going to continue on this health and fitness journey because I’ve learned so much from it that it’s changed my life and my body for the better. Failures and all, it’s been a huge success.

Besides, you only really fail when you give up.

Have you failed at reaching your goals? I’d appreciate you sharing your experience in the comments below.


10 thoughts on “Important Reasons Why Failure Will Help You Succeed

  1. MANY times I feel like a failure! I find that I typically set my goals too high and put more on my plate than I can possibly get done in a day or week. But I’m still learning, so I’m doing what I can and learning as I go! 🙂

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    1. If that’s the problem, then baby steps are the solution. See? Failure has been teaching you something. Actually, I believe the learning process is far more important than reaching the goal.


  2. Oh, man, I think I have falling on my face many times, but you are right about it not being a failure until you give up. I haven’t seen my trips and falls as failures because I just get up and learn to keep my eyes peeled for hurdles and jump higher! You are inspiring, Fabi:) Stay strong!

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  3. Great article. I was reading book recently which talking about this very thing. We should expect to fail and we should embrace failing. We definitely should not fear failing. Easier said than done I know, but it is certainly true than so many great people we admire failed many many times before they succeeded.

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    1. Yes, and that is very important. We see successful in the media all the time, and everybody talk about their success, but nobody talks about their failures and they certainly failed a number of times. It would be very interesting to know this, too.

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  4. yes, I have failed at some of my goals. The main thing for me is to know just because I failed at something, It does not make me a failure. It just helps me to re-adjust and move forward.


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