How Killing The Internet Will Make Your Life Better

Hey, everybody! I’m finally posting again after spending more than a week offline. Trust me when I tell you I didn’t mean to do that at all, but in the end it turned out to be a welcome change. Keep reading to find out what I did with my internet-free life!

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How Killing The Internet Will Make Your Life Better | Wonder Fabi
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I just spent more than a week forced away from my blogs and social media. That’s right. It’s been endless days since I last wrote a post, or read an email, or checked my notifications. Worse, since I am extremely frugal -some would say stingy- I do not pay for internet access on my cel phone. What I do is simply log on using the Wi-fi at home, and obviously I couldn’t do that. Total radio silence.

This whole disaster began when we decided to adopt a lovely little German Sheperd puppy. The kids loved her, but she managed to get herself into trouble pretty soon. She uprooted the plants in the front yard, peed in the walkway, and munched on the fiber optic cables. Internet was gone in less than a second. Unfortunately, it took the tech a very lont time to finally get here and fix the problem. Yes, I know it’s unbelievable.

Por qué es bueno desconectarte del internet | Fabi Maravilla

At first, having absolutely no internet access was traumatizing- no social media, no email, no instant messaging or streaming. But after a while, I realized I was having a wonderful time catching up on everything I had put on the back burner.

How Killing The Internet Will Make Your Life Better

1. You can go to bed early

For weeks, I kept pushing back my bedtime, going to bed later and later. I stayed up late on the computer, but this was no good. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, you know? Sleeping keeps you young and healthy and aids in weight loss, so this was a bad habit I had the opportunity to turn around.

Por qué es bueno desconectarte del internet | Fabi Maravilla

2. You can clean out your closet

Spring has been here for weeks already, but I still had all my sweaters crowded together with the rest of my clothes. Messy, messy, messy. I finally made the time to rearrange everything and it felt amazing. It was like a weight was taken off my shoulders! I’m not kidding you.

Por qué es bueno desconectarte del internet | Fabi Maravilla

3. You can get pretty

I admit my beauty routine had almost evaporated completely and I had not been looking my best. I decided I had enough time now to get back on track with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. I even got back into the habit of applying a simple facial mask at night- just mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of lemon juice and kiss those spots and blemishes good-bye!

Mascarilla de miel con limón | Fabi Maravilla

4. You can fix old clothes

I love recycling my son’s old T-shirts, and I already had a bunch of them piled up. It’s really easy. Just trace the outline of a tiny tee over an oversized shirt. Then, cut the sleeves, the neck, the bottom, and sew in the sides. Voila! A new, cute shirt perfect for lounging around or working out.

Cómo reciclar camisetas | Fabi Maravilla Cómo reciclar camisetas | Fabi Maravilla

5. You can read a book

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read at least ten books this year, but I hadn’t gotten around to reading even one. Shame on me! So, the first thing I did when the internet access was cut off was reach for a book. I read one of my old favorites, and then starting reading a new one. I had forgotten how great it feels to curl up with a good book.

Por qué es bueno desconectarte del internet | Fabi Maravilla

In the end, going offline for a week ended up being very enjoyable. It allowed me to renew myself in more ways than one. For a while, I had been thinking that I needed a break, so this little mishap turned out to be heaven-sent. After all, I must admit I had a very lovely time without internet. I recommend you try it too!

How do you feel about going completely offline for a while? Share your thoughts!


21 thoughts on “How Killing The Internet Will Make Your Life Better

  1. I have been trying to limit my time on the internet, especially by not checking my phone every 5 minutes! It’s hard! The biggest thing for me is to not be online an hour before bedtime and NOT charging my phone up near my bed where I am tempted to check it. I love all the things you got done and how you found something positive out of this! 🙂

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    1. Unplugging is so hard! I had been trying to limit my time online, but it was impossible until something forced me to do it. Now, it’s easier to log out at least one hour before bedtime.


  2. I am now VERY tempted to give this a try! It is so hard to not be on the internet. I will have to exclude the times I’m working, though, because I am a draftsperson so going on the internet and checking email is in part why they pay me lol but I have been setting a limit at home to not use the internet until I put my son to bed. But now you have me imagining how much more I could get done at night if I made a clean break for a week. Thanks for the post & the idea!!

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  3. This post was a really good reminder for me. I’ve been wanting to do several projects lately (including updating some clothes and cleaning out my closet haha), but every time I have some free time, I end up blogging, Facebook creeping, or 50 weeks deep on someone’s Instagram. Yikes. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and disconnect!

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    1. Yes, having an online-based business is a problem when trying to unplug. In fact, having any web-based activity makes unplugging a problem. I mean, my blog is small, but not being able to work on it freaked me out and my stats almost flatlined during that week. It was still a welcome change, though. Thanks for reading!

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