The Best Life Advice You Will Ever Receive

Hello, my dear readers. These last few days, my family and I had to go through some very tough days after my sister passed away. This was a terrible blow for us, but there’s  a valuable lesson of life and courage in it, too.

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My sister Diana fought against leukemia with great courage and dignity, but her story is not limited to that. She also lived intensely, in her own terms, and she chased her dreams with enthusiasm and determination.

This is the lesson that my sister’s life has taught us. It’s true she left behind many unfinished projects and unrealized dreams, but it’s also true that she reached many of the goals she set out to accomplish.

She wanted to travel, so she did. She went to Disneyland, to Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Australia. She sought unforgettable experiencies, so she found them. She stood on the Grand Canyon, she sang at the Sydney Opera House, she went skydiving, she got some tattoos. She wanted to study, so she went to college. She changed majors three times, she graduated, she learned English, French and German. She became a designer, a photographer, and a teacher. Despite repeated heartaches, she never gave up. She met the love of her life and married him. She also cherished people. She had so many friends they crowded her funeral.

She lived like there was no tomorrow. Perhaps there wasn’t a future for her, but she didn’t know that. In only a short while, she managed to do more things than most people ever do in a much longer lifetime.

The point is that we only have one life. It may be short or long, but we have to take advantage of all the time we have. We only have one chance to live it, so we have to live it as much as we can.

Chase your dreams and your goals. Accomplish as many of them as you can before you run out of time.

That is what my sister Diana taught me, and it’s the best life advice I will ever receive. Thank you, sis.

Do you have any unrealized dreams? Any great life advice? Please share in the comments!

18 thoughts on “The Best Life Advice You Will Ever Receive

  1. What a beautiful life stoty. Seen througth the soul window…Diana, without any doubt, lived her life intensively. I personally share around 4 school years with her and day by day, she struggled for her dreams and goals, she did and said what she wanted pretty convenced herself. I learn a lot from her. Her journeys, family, friends and things she used to do made from her a wonderful person. So simple, so kind, so human…
    Now I can see clear that everything she did, share and dreamed was on purspose to live as free as she is now! Thank you Diana…you have given us a great life lesson…Everywhere you are , will be reminded ever. 😊

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  2. Your sister sounds wonderful, there are so few people who live as fully and abundantly as she did. This is a very beautiful tribute to her. I am so sorry that you and your family have had to go through this.

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    1. She sure lived fully! At first, I thought she had died too soon, leaving so many things unfinished. However, I realized that she actually did a lot of amazing things, and many of her dreams came true. Thank you very much for reading her story 🙂


  3. I love the courage that your sister showed facing leukemia. She sounds like an awesome person who kept her spirits bright in the face of a disease that would really bring others down to their knees. Thanks for sharing your sister’s inspiring story. It really is a true reminder for this disabled man what life is all about!

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