10 Powerful Quotes That Will Keep You From Quitting

Hey! How’s it going with those health and fitness goals? Did you forget you had them? If you are falling behind on any goals you’ve made, it’s time to give you a few words of encouragement.

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Let’s face it. It’s very hard to stick to any health and fitness goals. Things often don’t go as planned, and before you know it, you’re sliding back into the old bad habits. Tell me about it!

It’s very common to give up on goals after only a couple of weeks. But don’t throw in the towel! Today, I’m going to share a few words of motivation with you.

Why You Need Motivation

If you want to change your body, you need to change your lifestyle. And to that, you have to be persistent. That’s why it’s necessary to have a little daily motivation to keep your from quitting.

Motivating yourself is like taking a shower. You need to do it everyday because it doesn’t last.

Personally, I like to read a couple of motivational quotes in the morning so I can start my day with positive thoughts in my mind. Just like taking a shower!

Whenever I feel like I just don’t want to keep up with those health and fitness goals anymore, I take a look at my favorite powerful quotes.

10 Powerful Quotes That Will Keep You From Quitting

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What are your favorite motivational quotes? Share in the comments!

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58 thoughts on “10 Powerful Quotes That Will Keep You From Quitting

  1. Inspirational quotes are s funny thing because they can mean something different to us on any particular day! Today I told myself, “I don’t want to do it, but I’m gonna.” And it worked. Just finished exercising for the first time in at least 10 days. Thanks for your inspiration!

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  2. lovely inspiration quotes!
    I have some quotes: as I say yes to life, life says yes to me.
    you only fail when you don’t get up.
    most of the fears in our mind are scenarios that will never happen, so run for your dreams and follow your heart

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  3. I recently created my own quote for my blog. Life is about the map we follow and the treasures we find along the way. My blog is called A Treasure Chest of Serendipity so I hope people are able to tie my quote into the what my blog name means. Great post, I loved how you put the quotes in a photo carousel. Very inventive!

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  4. Love these! This really isn’t a motivational quote but when things are tough at work I always tell myself – “Find a way to win!” It’s something that one of my bosses use to say to me. It annoyed me at the time, but now it’s a reminder that I’ve always figured situations out, so I’ll be able to do it again!

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  5. I’m a big quote fan. The one about the shower from Zig Ziglar is a great one.
    A few of the ones I continually go to are:
    Do it afraid.
    Love at ALL times
    A.B.C. = Action Brings Clarity
    I have lots more too.
    Zooming in from the Blogger’s Pit Stop
    Sara @SaraDuggan.me

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